Down Town Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi-based company who is also doing 2D media animation. Our team is working on 2D media animation and we are perfect in our work. 2D animation is the craft of making development in a two-layered space. This includes characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds.

2D is a famous and various medium that is getting back in the saddle. It very well may be seen pervasively in TV shows, computer games, highlight films, ads, mobile apps and on sites. Popular modern examples of 2D incorporate TV shows Rick and Morty and F is for Family. Social media platforms like Snapchat are sending off 2D media animated series with smart 1 brief episodes. What’s more, there’s even been a new flood in 2D stage computer games like Cuphead.

Demand for 2D media animators who can create entertaining and engaging content has grown significantly in the last decade. There’s a need for skilled and enthusiastic artists who love motion graphics and are adept at creating original and appealing content. 2D media animators pass on stories or messages by making their characters, items and foundations move in a two-dimensional environment. Other than drawing, they should likewise be superb narrators. They are liable for plainly imparting a story or message by moving characters in a manner that draws in watchers.

2D media animation is a versatile medium that’s finding its way in every kind of entertainment these days. Whether in TV shows, indie video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile apps, and websites, 2D media animation is here to stay.